Thermorizer TR75

Lotte, Germany, 7. February 2014 Thermorizer TR 75 market launch With ermaf, Elster Kromschröder backs a highly efficient heating system for an optimum shed climate

Following repeatedly convincing practice trials in the test phase, series production of the ermaf air heater Thermorizer TR 75 was launched at the beginning of this year. Equipped with a ground-breaking heat exchanger system, the highly efficient heater has met in full the demands of the users and developers in terms of innovative technology, efficiency and user-friendliness. A particularly noteworthy feature of the self-contained device is that it can achieve high jet lengths of over 50 metres in practice. This ensures homogenous distribution of the heated air within the shortest possible time, thus eliminating the need for further circulation fans.

In comparison with conventional heating systems, the TR 75 also guarantees considerably lower noise levels. The intelligent control system ensures that only warm air circulates and all control variables can be monitored and documented. It therefore works equally well for different types of husbandry. The optimized temperature distribution in the shed is achieved by a swirl-free (laminar) flow with a stable temperature profile. With the optimized air flow and a low-emission pre-mixing burner, the Thermorizer TR 75 is as quiet as it is environmentally-friendly.

Besides the development aim to produce the best possible shed climate, the engineers also took into account the everyday requirements of farmers when developing the technology for the new air heater. A perfect shed climate is at the same time one of the most important requirements for healthy animals. The air must be dry to keep the bedding dry and to counteract the build-up of ammonia. The more evenly the temperature is distributed in the shed and the smaller the carbon dioxide content of the shed air, the better the animals can develop.

Elster Kromschröder solutions are based on high safety standards. Combustion thus takes place in a closed combustion chamber with low temperatures at the heat exchanger and Class A gas safety valves. The Thermorizer TR 75 is particularly innovative with its new heat exchanger concept, the intelligent control system and monitoring and the high-quality finish of the stainless steel construction with proprietary core components.

The Thermorizer TR 75 is the first model in a series with extremely low energy consumption and viable capital expenditure. Compared to direct heating, self-contained technology can achieve savings of at least 20%. The system is also easy to maintain and service. The desire to keep costs to the minimum goes hand in hand with the ease of cleaning and the simple operation of the unit. The air heater can be installed on a wall bracket, is robust, can be cleaned with high-pressure cleaners and is dust-proof.

Special mention must be made of the circulation fan’s intelligent, temperature-based control system which ensures that only warm air is recirculated in the shed. In addition, the efficiency is increased further due to the burner’s modular operating mode. If required, the TR 75 can be connected to a bus system and thus to an environmental control computer. The operating parameters are documented via an optical interface. This also facilitates fault analysis.

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